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welcome 2012, recipes books and more
January 10, 2012, 10:00 pm
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Welcome to 2012 everyone (wow, it is already 10 days in), the year long predicted as the end of the world, I always think people forget the 2nd half of the sentence, which is “as we know it”, and this makes it much less scary, and really, who will be sad to see the end of doing a job you hate just to pay the bills and aspiring to things that don’t actually make you happy. I look forward to the end of those things, and the new possibilities of everyone moving towards things that truely make them happy, of careers that are actually your hobby, and of aspiring to things that fulfil your heart and soul.  That is what I think of 2012 and further will be about, new potential, transformation and change for the better.

The recipe book is coming along well, I have had a wonderful designer offer to put it together for me, I have asked someone to write a forward for me, and that resulted in her asking me to write the recipe section of her book and the science of raw food for athletes.

So I am now significantly further along, with most sections complete, 1 photo shoot of about 6 done, and since I always have more food than I can eat at the end of the shoots, more people interested in the recipes as they discover they rather like the taste of what I make, even though they find the idea of raw peculiar.

I have a mad travel schedule this year, with 5 overseas trips in the next 5 months, continuing with the work I love. I am teaching more, and transforming the world a little bit every day. So hopefully I will manage to look after myself better nutritionally while travelling this year than I did last year.



Photo Shoot on Monday eep…
December 15, 2011, 8:28 pm
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So I have been working on and off on a recipe book for just under 2 years now, and one of my biggest struggles was making the book look good, because so many people have slightly odd responses to raw or living food, 2 of the big ones being “you don’t cook the food? what could you possibly eat that tastes good” and “no meat dairy fish? how can you possibly be healthy?” so I have this feeling that making the food look really appertizing is really important, and my photography skills are not really up to the task.  So I have organised to have someone do the photos for me, and we have a shoot scheduled for Monday afternoon, wish me luck…

So this bodes for the book being completed soon, as I obviously have to have all the recipes completed to finish the photo shoots, and the person doing it would like to do it sooner rather than later, so a lovely nudge from the universe to get it finished, then it will be available for sale, both as an E-book (probably just PDF) and in hardcopy…..

So eeep, in a good way



30 Things Good things you can do for yourself
December 13, 2011, 2:31 pm
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So I have just read a blog post on 30 things to stop doing, which was great, and I was inspired to write my personal interpretation of 30 things to do/approaches to positive living.  So here they are 🙂

1. Spend more time with people that inspire you to be the best you can be – if you need to spend time with someone that doesn’t bring out the best in you, find something about them to appreciate
2.Face and overcome your problems so they become learning experiences – when you overcome a problem rather than running from it, it is less likely to repeat
3.ALways tell yourself the truth – being honest with yourself is the best place to start with transformation, you can still be gentle with yourself and find positive ways to tell the truth.
4. Prioritise yourself, you are much more use to yourself and the ones you love if you take care of yourself.
5.Live with AUthenticity – be yourself to the core, be the best you out there, you will always be better at being you than trying to be someone else.
6.Let go of your past so you can be present and live now.
7.Mistakes are learning experiences, embrace the adventure.
8.Forgive yourself for the mistakes of your past – it is a lot of wasted energy to keep holding a grudge against yourself.
9.Get joy by giving away what you no longer need or use – free youself from clutter and the need to have “stuff”
10.Find happiness inside – nothing you can buy will change who you live with 100% of the time – yourself.
11.Do stuff/Be Active – find something you enjoy, and do it, be an active player in your life, in-action is as big a statement as action.
12.Even if you are not ready, you can acheive something – no great master started their journey already a master, you don’t have to be perfect to do something or have great impact.
13.Begin relationships for the right reasons – positive and healthy reasons.
14.Allow new relationships to be NEW, allow the old ones to be in the past.
15.A non-competive spirit makes it much easier to enjoy the game of life.
16.Count your blessings and what is good in your life.
17.Have a positive view of your situations – place yourself in a position of power, you always have the power to alter your situation and circumstance
18.Forgive and let go or past events – grudges and holding on take a lot more energy from you than letting go and moving on.
19.Always hold to your standards, always live as an example, never compromise yourself.
20.allow your life to be the explanation of your actions, rather than explaining yourself.
21.Always take time to reflect on your life and your actions.
22.Find the pleasure and beauty in the small things.
23. Allow imperfection to be individuality and uniqueness rather than a flaw.
24.Follow the path of your heart – it may not be the easiest or the smoothest, but it is always the best.
25.Allow yourself the space to crumble occasionally, often we need to fall apart to realise there was a better way to put the pieces together.
26.Take responsibility for your life – if your troubles are caused by in-action, take action, if your action doesn’t make it better, take a different action.
27.Always be true to yourself – it is amazing how many people will like you more when live as yourself, with consideration to others, rather than trying to please everyone.
28.Relax and find the positive possibilities in situations.
29.Focus on what you want to happen and where you want to be in life – where you look tends to be where your feet follow, where you think, is usually what shows up in your life
30.Be grateful for everything you do have in your life, it tends to multiply that way.


Thank you to the following blog post for inspiring this list 🙂

So its been a while
October 23, 2011, 1:08 pm
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It has been a while since I posted, and I will make no promises about it not being a while before I do again, but I will make some effort to remmeber to write it down when I have something Blog-Worthy.

I am busy on a gentle cleansing mission, which is very simply – colonic hydrotherapy and zero sugars! (and zero yeast)- that nasty little C word (candida) is rearing its head in my life, and I am seeing what I can do about sorting it out.  This is actually quite a scary prospect for a sweetie pie like me, no fruit, nothing, and there is this really big obstacle in this, called travelling, well one small consolation, I am allowed xylitol, not nearly as nice as dried fruits, fresh fruits, maple syrup chocolates (I stop there or you might think I am trying to write a dictionary of sweet foods)  Today is day 3 of no sugars, and I want them sooo soooo soooo badly, hmmm, hopefully this is a good sign.

So my recipe for this post, goes with this cleansing routine, LOTS of psyllium, and some coconut milk is what was recomended, and this is what I came up with

3 TBS dessicated coconut, 1 TBS nut butter (or 2BTS cashew or brazil nuts), 1 TBS SunWarrior protein powder, 2 TBS psyllium, 1 cup water.  Blend everything except the psyllium until you have a nice smoothie texture, then add the psyllium and blend for a bit (turn off before blender gets unhappy or makes funny noises) put it into a bowl and eat – it will have a texture somewhere between pudding and firm jelly, and is really good for your insides 🙂 even if it looks a little odd.


Creative Nori Rolls
August 26, 2010, 5:41 pm
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Well I got back from gym today, and my fridge is a little empty, since yesterday’s market was not that well stocked/ I was not feeling very inspired when I was shopping.  So slightly at a loss as to what to have for a snack, these are the foods I found that looked yummy to me: Spirulina (always good after gym), Nori Sheets, Hemp Seeds, Blue Berries, a little Wild Rice that I cooked for dinner last night, Cacao nibs.  So with those looking like the yummy foods, the obvious solution, roll everything in the Nori, and add a little maple syrup to make it really decadent 🙂  And odd as the combo might sound, it tasted really good.

Finding Patience and Compassion for myself.
August 23, 2010, 1:40 pm
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I seem to be being challenged to find the energy of patience.  I have had encounters with more than one place where arguing and querying is of very little use, except to understand how these organisations work in order to make sure that one is able to not end up on their silly side in the future (examples being Governments (tax, embassies) or Banks)  So I have been trying to breath through silly comments and not get frustrated with people who, in truth, are only able to read off the computer screen what is there, with no ability to find out how it got there.  And really I want to RANT! I want to yell and go back into being the drama queen that I used to be, but I know it will not help, so instead I have turned on uplifting music, I have decided that I will try writing a few letters that may be able to sort out some of the silly errors, and then, if I still can’t get the problems cleared up, I will breath and let them go!

I will breath and focus on the fact that the world is changing.  The world is becoming a better place, people are starting to spread love, people are realising that there is something that can be done to stop wars, that we can make a difference.  WE CAN FIX IT! we are all part of the solution.  We can take actions that heal communities, countries, environments, continents.  We can do all this.  And once we have done it, all these little things that are making me want to be a drama queen will not exist.  Organisations and administration will still exist, but in a form where people are heard, where people are respected, where everyone feels valued and where when we pay tax, it feels good, it feels like we are contributing to something of value.

I am looking for the balance where I let things I have no control over simply roll past me, where I stand up for myself where it is sensible to, and also that I am able to release, and let go of things where it is more effort, and strain than is healthy for me to actually engage with the topic/organisation.  I am learning to be more patient, and more loving and compassionate with myself.  Not engaging with topics that are not good for me, is compassion for myself.. (difficult and not good for me are completely different by the way 😉 )

Spreading Empowerment
August 20, 2010, 11:00 am
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Well I have been a busy bunny, and it is looking like the universe is supporting me well. I started looking for a new house (the current one doesn’t have a bath tub, and the landlord wont allow pets – a cat in particular) so I have had a list of everything I wanted, including the stuff I forgot to ask for last time, like a cat and bathtub.  And after looking at a few rather less than desiarable places, I founda gorgeous house, right on the sea, only too small to work from home, drat!  Well that evening I got a phone call, from someone opening a new learning centre, only 5 min from my current house, and 10 min from this little house I liked, asking if I would teach meditation there.  So I went with the flow, met with him, and things seemed good, and I let the universe direct me, and well, I am moving into the small house by the sea, near the mermaids, excellent, and I will be working from a centre, more people seeing what I do, excellent.

I have also been working with the rest of the MMS Irish team, on sharing with the Irish people, tools that really work for improving life. I mentioned in a previous post how much Life Activation and Empower Thyself affected my life, well, as a team, we are doing talks, short, evening out, intro to topics like “Do You Want to Change The World?” or “Tools to Live the Life You Truely Desire”.  These are really exciting, we are sharing with people what has truely changed our lives, what we know works, healings and tools with linage, things that have been around, tried and tested, and still going strong after 3000 years.  Last night we did a talk in Balbriggan, North of Dublin, and while we only had a small turn out, it was really cool.  Everyone who came received a free “taster treatment” of the Life Activation, and their feedback was positive, in 2 weeks we do it again out in Tullamore.

So life is going well, and I am loving sharing what works for me with the world, and will keep doing so 🙂